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Presently, the Senate has four standing committees to review bills: Budget and Taxation; Education, Energy and the Environment; Finance; and Judicial Proceedings. These committees play an important role in the legislative process, hold hearings and oversee agencies and programs within their purview.


Senator Charles has been appointed to the following committee for the 446th Maryland General Assembly:

Judicial Proceedings Committee

This Committee is responsible for legislation relating to:

  • Criminal and civil laws, penalties, and procedures

  • Correctional facilities and services

  • Family law

  • Judicial administration and court structure

  • Juvenile justice

  • Law enforcement organizations

  • Legal profession

  • Legal rights and immunities

  • Public safety

  • Real property, including landlord-tenant laws

  • Trusts and estates

  • Corporations and associations

  • Constitutional amendments

  • Human relations and

  • Vehicle laws, including drunk driving.


In the Maryland General Assembly, there are also a number of Caucuses comprised of Members - to pursue common policy objectives.  Senator Charles is a member of the following caucuses:

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