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Our residents suffer disproportionately from diabetes, heart disease, and obesity while the county suffers from a shortage of primary-care medical practices. Continuing support to the New Regional Medical Center coming to Largo  will put our residents at an advantage to utilizing medical services closer to home. My goal is to work with community leaders, nonprofit organizations, and other health access organizations for improving health in Prince George’s County through the following initiatives.


Medicaid Reform

  • Maryland ranks 10th from last in the country in regards to doctors who accept new Medicaid patients. This is due to the states low payout to these already struggling small businesses. In order to truly impact change in medical access for those lacking access, we have to work to increase the payout to at least match our neighboring jurisdictions.


Expanding Treatment for Substance Abuse

  • The FY 2014 budget includes $5.1 million of new funding for recovery support services and housing for substance abuse patients. FY 2014 spending on substance abuse treatment and recovery across the State budget will increase by approximately 8% as tens of thousands of Marylanders gain access to comprehensive health care coverage through Medicaid or the health exchange as part of the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.

    • Prince George’s County needs to see those funds to build inpatient facilities in the inner beltway communities to help those struggling the most. I will fight to make sure we get our fair share.


Ensuring Prince George’s County’s has a Highly Qualified Medical Workforce

  • I will fight to secure medical training funds for existing and future healthcare workers to fill the healthcare jobs of tomorrow

  • I will work to bring more outpatient facilities into the inner beltway communities through offering state grants and tax savings

  • I will work to make sure our physicians are not left behind regarding the implementation of Health Information Technology which is a comprehensive management of health information across computerized systems and its secure exchange between consumers, providers, government and quality entities, and insurers.

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